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Ferrari SA Aperta

Ferrari SA Aperta

Ferrari SA Aperta

Year 2010
Engine 6.0 litre V-12
Transmission 6-speed, sequential paddle shift RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 670 hp @ 8,250 rpm
weight -

Only 80 Ferrari SA Aperta's will be built
The Ferrari SA Aperta is a limited edition roadster version of the Ferrari 599. Only 80 examples will be built, and they were all sold to hand picked Ferrari customers before the car was even revealed!

Ferrari chose to build 80 SA Aperta's because this year Ferrari's design studio of choice, Pininfarina, turns 80. The SA name also pays homage to both Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina.

The Ferrari SA Aperta is a stunning roadster which builds on the already sublime proportions of the 599 coupe. The fabric roof which comes with the car isn't designed for regular use - it's basically a last resort if you get caught out in the rain. Ferrari don't even try and pretend it's a practical weatherproof solution.

The Ferrari SA Aperta roadster sits closer to the ground than the standard 599, and it also has a slightly lower windscreen. Overall this gives the car a more slippery aerodynamic profile befitting a high-end roadster. The silver fins built into the rear deck of the car nicely compliment the car's silver colored windscreen surround and side mirrors.

The chassis of the Ferrari 599 SA Aperta has been redesigned to offer comparable stiffness to that of a closed berlinetta and there is a negligible weight difference also, thanks to the engineering work done on the chassis structure.

Powering the Ferrari SA Aperta is the same 670 horsepower, 6.0 litre V12 Ferrari put in the 599 GTO. That means this isn't some special edition poser's convertible - well it might be that too - but it's also a serious performance machine designed to compete with the very best supercars on the planet.

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