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Koenigsegg CC8S

Koenigsegg CC8S

Koenigsegg CC8S

Year (of specifications) 2000 - 2005
Engine 4700 cc, V-8 supercharged
Transmission 6-speed RWD
Max speed 240 mph
0-60 mph 3.5 seconds
Horsepower 655 bhp @ 6800 rpm
weight 1175 kg, 2595 lbs

The exclusive Koenigsegg CC comes in three forms. The CC8S (no longer in production), the 806 bhp CCR, and the US spec CCX. All three are incredible feats or engineering using the most advanced materials and production methods available.

Both the chassis and the body of the Koenigsegg CC are made from lightweight carbon-fibre composite reinforced by a kevlar and aluminium honeycomb.

Every car produced by Koenigsegg is tailored to the specifications of the individual customer. The interior is complimented with leather and aluminum trim, and the removable hard top can be easily stored under the front bonnet.

The Koenigsegg CC is unique in that it is the only car to feature a swiveling door mechanism which rotates the door upward 90° while also extending it slightly from the body.

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