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Pagani Zonda F


Year 2005
Engine 7.3 litre AMG V-12
Transmission 6-speed, manual
Max speed 215+ mph
0-60 mph 3.6 seconds
Horsepower 602 hp @ 6,150 rpm
weight 1230 kg, 2712 lbs

Horacio Pagani on the Zonda F:
Juan Manuel Fangio was much more than a great champion. His accuracy, uprightness and his human and technical sensibility have been for me an example and an inspiration source. Very often, I ask myself how something like a drawing or a technical choice can express the philosophy of such a men. The name of the car should have been Fangio F1. He followed the project with a strong enthusiasm. The F1 had to be innovative, safe and had to be powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine. He then passed away and as a sign of respect I did not dare to call the car Fangio F1 and I decided to name it Zonda, "el viento de los Andes". Today, after years spent in a rigorous search for perfection, the result is the Zonda F, a car that I wish to dedicate to Juan Manuel Fangio, the man who has made everything different.

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