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Ascari FG-T

Year (of specifications) 1992
Engine 4.0 Litre BMW V8
Transmission 5-speed manual RWD
Max speed 175 mph
0-60 mph 4.7 seconds
Horsepower 286 hp @ 5800 rpm
weight 1250 kgs / 2750 lbs

Review by: James Pearce
The Ascari FGT used a 4 litre BMW engine and a ZF 5 spd DS-5/25 transmission [other GM and Ford V8s were also tested... Ed]. The FGT was later face lifted to become the Ascari Ecosse model. For this model the interior was changed, wiring system updated, and braking system upgraded. It had a Hartge 4.6 litre BMW engine. Towards the end of Ecosse production it received a Hartge 5.0 litre engine and they tried out a six speed 'box, but then went back to a five speed unit. There was one 4.6 litre Ecosse that ran a Quaife 6spd sequential gearbox.

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