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ICONIC Motors AC Roadster

ICONIC Motors AC Roadster

ICONIC Motors AC Roadster

ICONIC Motors AC Roadster

ICONIC Motors AC Roadster

ICONIC Motors AC Roadster interior

Year 2010
Engine 7 litre V8
Transmission 6-speed manual RWD
Max speed 200 + mph (claimed)
0-60 mph under 3 seconds (claimed)
Horsepower 825 hp
weight 1088 kgs / 2400 lbs

There are dozens of small volume manufacturers in the world who produce replica models of the AC Cobra. However there are only a few who inject some of their own styling and engineering ideas into their AC Cobra-like products. Now California-based manufacturer ICONIC Motors has joined that exclusive group.

Designed and engineered from scratch to be a highly competent machine - both aesthetically and in terms of performance, the ICONIC AC Roadster features a precision engineered, CAD designed chassis formed from chrome-alloy tubular steel. The passenger tub is composed of carbon fiber, and strengthened with the use of a aluminium honeycomb structure which is bonded to the chassis.

The bodywork of the ICONIC AC Roadster is formed from aircraft-grade aluminium, backed up by carbon fiber reinforcements to give it added strength. The styling is obviously inspired by the original AC Cobra's of the 1960s. But instead of being an exact copy, ICONIC Motors have decided to give it a bit of a redesign to help bring it into the 21st Century. It's still got the unmistakable AC Cobra stance, but modern design elements like the Xenon and LED headlight units, redesigned air intakes and gentler curves help modernize the car with out loosing any of its classic appeal.

Powering the ICONIC AC Roadster is a fuel injected, 7.0 litre V8 engine which produces 825 horsepower and 680 ft-lbs of torque. The transmission is a Tremec 6-speed manual (woo hoo!) which has been custom developed for the the vehicle, its gear set has been designed to offer minimal friction and handle the engine's raw power. With this drivetrain it's claimed that the ICONIC AC Roadster can hit 60 mph in under three seconds, and top out at 200+ mph.

Those massive side exit exhaust pipes have also been cleverly designed. Normally these can be a bit risky if you're not careful and give you one hell of a burn. But thanks to a special gel-layer in-between the interior pipe and the exterior stainless steel pipe the outer skin is safe to touch even when the engine is running.
Wheels and Brakes

The wheels were designed specifically for the car and measure 18" up front and 19" at the rear. The tires are Goodyear F1 Supercar Run Flats.

To match the powerful engine and transmission combo, the ICONIC AC Roadster has been equipped with a suitably competent braking system. Developed with the help of the specialists at Brembo, the setup includes custom designed carbon ceramic disks, and specially designed brake pads.

The high-level of craftsmanship and engineering which can be found in the exterior design of the ICONIC AC Roadster can also be found in the cockpit.

Trimmed in fine leather each seat features a four-point race harness. The 'D' shaped steering wheel is wrapped in leather, as are the door panels and center console. The shifter mechanism and gear knob are both formed from hardened and scratch-resistant stainless steel.

If you've got the cash - you'll need a couple trucks full by the way - and you want something which has the lines and timeless beauty of a classic car, but you don't want the unreliability and mediocre performance of a classic vehicle, then this is definitely one to look at.

Source: ICONIC Motors

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