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2010 Mazda RX-8

2010 Mazda RX-8

2010 Mazda RX-8

2010 Mazda RX-8

2010 Mazda RX-8 interior

Year (of specifications) 2010
Engine Wankel rotary 1.3 litre
Transmission 6 speed manual RWD
Max speed

146 mph

0-60 mph 6.4 seconds
Horsepower 231 bhp @ 8,200 rpm
weight -

For 2010 Mazda gave the RX-8 a facelift. The most obvious visible changes include a redesigned front bumper, new sideskirts, new headlights, and LED taillights. The engine remains unchanged aside from minor lubrication system upgrades. The differential gear ratio has been altered ever-so-slightly for improved performance feel.

The interior of the 2010 model year RX-8 features new trim materials for a further improvement in appearance and quality. For the driver, the cockpit is even sportier with a new centre console design, a tachometer that now has a variable red-zone that rises as the engine comes to operating temperature, an instrument cluster with a newly developed color to help minimise eye strain, and a new steering wheel. Redesigned rear seats are also part of the update package.

The 2010 RX-8 adds new features that make Mazda's sports flagship more user friendly. These include a hands-free Bluetooth cell phone system, an auxiliary jack for plugging in an MP3 player and Mazda's auto light and rain sensor system.

Body shell rigidity was improved for the 2010 Mazda RX-8 with a trapezoidal strut tower bar added at the front to enhance local rigidity of the front suspension tower areas. Together with other local rigidity enhancements, torsional (twisting) rigidity was improved by 5.4 percent and flexural (bending) rigidity by 8.7 percent.

Steering feel is improved and more linear as well, with an enhancement of the main bar joint of the instrument panel for more rigidity of the steering mount area, and the addition of a new front suspension cross member filled with urethane foam for optimal ride comfort.

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