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Orca C113

Orca C113

Orca C113

Year 2004
Engine 4.2 litre Twin turbo Audi V8
Transmission 7-speed, sequential
Max speed 224 mph
0-60 mph 2.9 seconds
Horsepower 641 hp @ 5400 rpm
weight 850 kg, 1874 lbs

The Swiss-made Orca C113 is claimed to be capable of 224 mph powered by a twin turbo 641bhp, 664lb ft Audi 4.2 V8.

The Orca C113 was first seen in prototype form at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show in 2003. The company then moved to Liechtenstein while searching for investors before starting production.

The Orca C113 is constructed from lightweight materials including aluminium, magnesium and titanium, it has carbon-kevlar body panels and total weight is around 850kg. Orca intends to produce around 10-15 hand-build cars a year, offering both coupe and roadster bodystyles. The coupe C113's feature Lamborghini-like scissor doors.

Suspension on the C113 is handled by double wishbones front and rear with coil springs and alloy uprights. All suspension parts are made of aluminum by CNC machining and are covered with a layer of carbon fiber. Ventilated and cross-drilled carbon composite brakes on all four corners are grabbed by eight-piston brake calipers.

If 641 bhp is too much for you, Orca offers a diet version of the C113 powered by a Volvo T5 2.3 litre turbo engine.

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