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Panoz AIV Roadster

Panoz AIV Roadster

Year (of specifications) 1992 - 2000
Engine 4.6 L V8
Transmission 5-speed manual
Max speed 140 mph
0-60 mph 4.6 seconds
Horsepower 305 bhp @ 5800 rpm
weight 1166 kg / 2570 lbs

In 1992, the Panoz Auto Development Company of Georgia unveiled the Panoz Roadster. The AIV (aluminum intensive vehicle) Roadster was built using a aluminium frame (early cars had a stainless steel frame) and an aluminum body, later models were up to 70% aluminium.

The drivetrain of the Panoz AIV Roadster came from the Ford Mustang.

When the Panoz AIV Roadster was discontinued in 2000, it was replaced by the Panoz Esperante.

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