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Pontiac Fiero GT

Year (of specifications) 1985 - 1988
Engine 2.8 litre V6
Transmission 5 speed manual / 3 auto / RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 145 hp
weight 1176 kgs / 2590 lbs

Review by: Scott
The Pontiac Fiero GT was built between 1985 and 1988. The styling was changed mid-way between the 1986 model from the "notch-back" to the "fast-back" design. The engine is no slouch, producing 145hp and 155ft/lb torque. In addition to the design change, the transmission was changed from a 4-speed manual to a 5-speed manual (the optimal combination). With an almost optimal 50/50 weight distribution, handling was very good (for a car made with off-the-shelf parts!). In 1988, the suspension and braking system were redesigned (with help from the GM owned Lotus division) to improve the performance of this little "commuter" car. This improvment make these little 1988's the most desired of the bunch; however, they are also the rarest due to the low production numbers (less than 50,000). Even more rare are the models with the T-Top option. Between the 1987 and 1988 models (including the "super" rare Fiero Formula) there were less than 8,000 made with factory T-tops.


Review by: Dale
I'm sure Scott meant well but a lot of his information is incorrect. Lotus had nothing to do with the 1988 Fiero suspension or anything else involving the Fiero. Nor was it designed after Lotus or anything else. This is one of the biggest myths in the history of the Fiero - right behind "they all catch on fire'.

The 1988 were the lowest production of all the years, but at 26,401, not anywhere near 50,000. The 1987 Fiero was also under 50,000 at 46,581.

"Factory T-tops" meaning those with an RPO code on the inner fender liner were only available in 1988, not 87 and 88. And there were on 1,252 made. T-tops were available in most other years as an aftermarket option that was sold by individual dealers. Whether "factory" or aftermarket, all new Fiero T-tops were installed by Cars And Concepts.

And lastly, rare is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the car world. And even though the Formula version of the Fiero was only made in 1988, with 5,643 of them made I don't think they qualify as rare. As far as the "fire" history, out of 370,168 Fieros built there were 260 cases reported of fires (0.07%). There are several ideas floating around about the cause of the fires but no one can say for sure if it was one thing or another. These only effect the L4 engine in the 1984 Fiero but the stigma has stuck with the Fiero to this day.

But Scott is definitely correct about his praise of the Fiero. It is a great little car with a huge following of loyal owners. It's too bad GM canceled the Fiero just as they got it right.

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