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Toyota MR2 MkI

Year (of specifications) 1986 - 1990
Engine 1.6 litre inline 4 cyl
Transmission manual RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph 8.2 seconds
Horsepower 128 bhp @ 6900 rpm
weight 998 kg / 2200 lbs

The small and light Toyota MR2, code named AW11, was introduced as a 1985 production model. The two-seat MR2 was a lightweight, fine handling sports car powered by a 1.6 litre inline 4 cylinder engine.

For the MR2's engine, Toyota chose to use the 4A-GE 1587 cc 4 cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts which allowed the use of 16 valves for a better gas flow through the combustion chamber. The engine was also equipped with a Bosch L-Jetronic type multi-point fuel injection and a variable intake geometry (T-VIS), giving the engine a maximum power output of 128 hp.

For the 1986 model year, the MR2 Mk1 went through several changes which affected both its looks and performance. The most important addition was probably having the option of a removable T-top roof. The exterior was modified by color-coding the bumpers and side stripes, adding small side skirts and a translucent spoiler to the rear of the roof. Other new options included a leather interior and a four-speed automatic transmission. Some further changes were made to the exterior for 1987, such as new tail lights and wheels, but more notable were the addition of larger brakes and a heavier and stronger C52 transmission which replaced the older C50. The significance of the introduction of this newer transmission is readily apparent today, as the C50 is known to develop a fifth gear popout problem as it ages.

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