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Wiesmann GT

Wiesmann GT

Wiesmann GT

Wiesmann GT interior

Year (of specifications) 2005
Engine 4.8 L, BMW V8
Transmission 6-speed manual
Max speed 174 mph
0-60 mph 4.6 seconds
Horsepower 362 bhp @ 6300 rpm
weight 1240 kg
Insurance group (1 - 20) 20

The success of the Wiesmann Roadster which was based on a combination of classic design and state-of-the-art engineering Wiesmann to develop a new hardtop sports car on the foundations of the Roadster, the result was the Wiesmann GT.

The two-seater Wiesmann GT coupé was first introduced at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show. Basic data used to develop the new car was gathered by the Wiesmann Racing GT, which was used as a experimental vehicle under extreme conditions during the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring in 2002. From the outset Wiesmann decided that the GT would not only be visually different form the Roadster, but based on a different drivetrain, in the end the 4.8 litre BMW V8 was chosen. This choice meant that the engine compartment had to be enlarged to hold the new unit, which consequently meant that all the dimensions of the Wiesmann GT were altered. The Wiesmann GT is 3 cm higher, 11 cm wider, and 37 cm longer than the Roadster.

To help keep the weight of the Wiesmann GT down the engineers used an aluminium monocoque design borrowed from the racing scene. The bodywork of the Wiesmann GT comprises of a lightweight, high-quality, fibreglass-reinforced compound material.

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