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YES! Clubsport

Year (of specifications) 2001
Engine 1.8 L, turbo charged VW 4 cyl
Transmission 5-speed manual
Max speed 163 mph
0-60 mph 4.1 seconds
Horsepower 281 bhp
weight 790 kg / 1741 lbs

The YES! Clubsport (Young Engineers Sportscar) was a car born from the ideas of two student engineers at Cologne Technical College, Herbert Funke and Philipp Will. With the aid of designer Oliver Schweizer, the man responsible for the cars styling, the YES! Clubsport was created. The YES! Clubsport recieved praise on its introduction at the Frankfurt Motor Show and went into limited production. The YES! Clubsport ceased production in 2006 when it was replaced by the YES! Roadster 3.2.

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