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2010 Honda Civic Type R

2010 Honda Civic Type R

2010 Honda Civic Type R interior

2010 Honda Civic Type R

Year (of specifications) 2010
Engine(s) 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder
Transmission 6 speed manual FWD
Max speed 146 mph
0-60 6.6 seconds
Horsepower 198 hp
weight 1,267 kgs / 2,720 lbs

Where the old Civic Type R was let down by its looks, the new shape Type R looks great both inside and out. From the outside the wide and low stance, mesh grill, deep side skirts, spoilers and big wheels makes this car look the business.

It's mean looking on the inside too, with supportive bucket seats in black and red cloth and a sporty looking black dashboard with menacing red lighting for the instruments. The dash is well laid out with everything nicely placed and pointing towards the driver - giving you the feeling that you're sat in the cockpit of a race car. It's also very well equipped as standard with the GT-specced cars coming with cruse control, dual climate control, auto lights, auto wipers, front fogs and panoramic glass roof as standard.

When it comes to driving this Type R, it soon becomes apparent that the first impressions were deceiving. It might look the part, but doesn't back it up with the performance or handling you'd expect. You might think it's a big improvement on the last Civic Type R. It isn't. Compared to a boring bog standard grocery-getter it drives amazingly, but as a drivers car it's disappointing. When driving it steady-away the suspension feels washboard firm and shakes you to bits. When you start to push it on a winding road you lose that sensation and start to want it to return. When you want to dip the nose towards the apex of a corner it would rather understeer away from it. It feels a bit numb compared with the old car. When you ease-off to correct the line, the back end doesn't want to do anything. It's not too impressive at higher speeds either and I found if it was close to the limit the back end would get very twitchy. With the old Type R it would lift a back wheel, but thanks to its independent rear suspension it wouldn't get too twitchy. The new Type R, with its torsion beam rear suspension, can at times give you the impression that the back end just wants to jump all over the road.

To sum up. The new shape Civic Type R looks great and is fast on motorways and dual carriageways, but it's a poser's car, not a driver's car.

Words by Colin Fowler

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