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2010 Honda Civic Type S

2010 Honda Civic Type S

2010 Honda Civic Type S

Year (of specifications) 2010
Engine(s) 1.4 litre, 4 cylinder petrol
1.8 litre, 4 cylinder petrol
2.2 litre, 4 cylinder diesel
Transmission 6 speed manual or auto FWD
Max speed 110 mph (1.4 petrol)
127 mph (1.8 petrol)
127 mph (2.2 diesel)
0-60 15 seconds (1.4 petrol)
8.9 seconds (1.8 petrol)
8.7 seconds (2.2 diesel)
Horsepower 100 hp (1.4 litre)
138 hp (1.8 litre)
138 hp (2.2 diesel)
weight 1249 - 1473 kgs / 2753 - 3247 lbs

The Type S is the 3 door version of the latest shape Civic. Not quite as sporty as the flagship Type R, although the Type S still has sportier seats and suspension than the 5 door versions. This gives it a slightly lower and harder ride than the others, but not too hard like the Type R.

Like all Civics the Type S is very well equipped as standard, with every version of the Type S receiving air conditioning, electric mirrors, electric windows, remote central locking and so on. There are two engines to choose from really because the 1.4 litre Type S is just so slow - seriously 15 seconds to 62 mph in a car with a Type S badge!

So that leaves the 1.8 vtec petrol and the 2.2i ctdi diesel. Both have 138 bhp, but the diesel is the better of the two. The petrol seems noisy and unrefined. And while the diesel is obviously not the quietest of engines either, it's much better to drive.

The petrol version needs to be revved a lot to get much out of it, and it feels raw and not very responsive. The diesel has twice as much torque (241 lb-ft, as opposed to 128 lb-ft) and its on tap all the way through the rev range. It's a great engine. The diesel is also faster in the 0-62 mph sprint than its petrol brother, and with a combined fuel consumption of 54.3 mpg it's considerably better on fuel too.

Out of all the Civics the Type S 2.2i ctdi is easily the one I'd go for.

Words by Colin Fowler

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