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Stormfageln powerboat

Stormfageln powerboat

Stormfageln powerboat

Stormfageln powerboat

Engine(s) 2 Scania 12 litre 6 cylinder
Horsepower (max) 675 hp @ 2,300 rpm (x2)
Weight 8,350 kgs
Length 14.5 metres / 44 foot
Beam 3.2 metres / 10 foot

The Stormfageln prototype is a Swedish design which was originally created to develop future solutions for environmentally sensitive and fuel-efficient boats. The Stormfageln's inventor is Torbjörn Eriksson a third-generation sailor keen to help reduce damaging pollution in the world's seas, while also providing a fuel efficient (and therefore cheaper) alternative to current watercraft.

The Stormfågeln is based on a patented hull design with two surface-piercing propellers and three-point contact hull which reduces surface friction.

Surface piercing propellors have been around for a while now, and although they have several benefits including lower water resistance, and minimal cavitation around the propeller blades, which together allow for higher speeds, they also have some drawbacks including; a tendency to lift the stern of the boat, reduced maneuverability while reversing, and the fact that they are only suitable for lightweight boats.

Stormfågeln's solutions of surface-piercing propeller technology – which includes the complete propulsion system and the hull design – allows the boat to plane almost immediately, this means that the system can be used with significantly heavier boats. At the same time, the tendency to lift the stern is counteracted, and this gives a more stable attitude during high speed travel. The reverse-enabled propeller blades eliminate maneuver problems previously experienced during reversing. The design of the propulsion system means that the engines operate at low rpm, even at high speeds, and this helps significantly reduce fuel consumption.

When the unique drive system is coupled with the clever hull design the end result is a much softer, smoother ride than conventional hull watercraft, with close to no wave creation, and the ability to achieve high speeds with rapid acceleration.

Thanks to Krister Sääf for the tip.

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