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Top Ten Cars for going to a job interview

now hiring sign in front of a car

Or to give the article its full title: Top 10 cars to go to a job interview in, assuming the interview is in a parking lot and the interviewer knows his cars.

Now obviously when you're going for a job interview there's a lot more to it than showing up in the right motor. But seeing as how this is a vehicle related website we're not going to go into the finer points of interview technique or presentation. Suffice to say, even if you show up with an entourage containing all our chosen vehicles, if you walk up to the interviewer, slap them and then proceed to make inflammatory statements regarding their recent ancestry, you probably aren't going to get hired. However if you're neck and neck with another candidate - and you show up in one of these - you might just have the edge.
Terrafugia Transition flying car
Terrafugia Transition

If you get asked the question, "So how did you get here today", and your reply is, "Well I flew into the local airport with my flying car, and then drove it the rest of the way here", you'll either get accused of being a liar, or you'll get hired on the spot. Obviously the downside of the plan is the fact you'll have to stump up a considerable chunk of change to buy the vehicle. And then you'll have to learn how to fly the thing.
Terrafugia Transition

Lotus sportscar
Lotus Elise

A Lotus Elise driver is usually a fairly hardcore individual who is willing to take the rough with the smooth. A Lotus Elise driver would be good at working on their own where they can take more risks and accept the consequences. They'd be dynamic and tenacious - and hopefully lightweight.

Lotus Elise

2011 Volkswagen Passat
VW Passat

The VW Passat says to the interviewer; "This person is a safe pair of hands. Not showy, not flashy and he has passed over the ubiquitous A4". The Passat driver is dependable and loyal. Not the type to set the world on fire, but he probably won't phone in sick and try to pass off a hangover as a "bit of a cold".

Volvo T5-R Estate
Volvo T5-R Estate

Volvo T5-R Estate drivers are the kind of breed who want a fast, safe, dependable car and they value substance over style. That means at work they have the same dedication to the job. They don't care how they get the work done, as long as they get it done on time and to a high standard.

Renault Alpine 110
Rare model from a discontinued marque

A rare vehicle from a discontinued manufacturer shows the interviewer that you're an independent thinker who definitely doesn't follow the herd. Someone who is willing to spend the best part of a month trolling the internet looking for basic items like brake pads just so they can keep their pride and joy on the road, probably has a similar degree of patience and perseverance in all aspects of their life.

Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione
Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione

Oh come on. Just look at it.

Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione

classic car
Pristine Classic

An immaculate classic car, of any make or model, tells the interviewer that you're dedicated to anything you put your mind to. You'll ensure that everything is always neat and tidy around the office, and you're also willing to put up with a little hardship in order to get the job done right.

2011 Hyundai Sonata
Last year's 'Car of the Year'

Someone who buys last years car of the year is clearly someone who is willing to take advice. This means that they might not be great in a decisive or creative role, however they would readily adapt to many positions within a company, and they'd have no problem in listening to their superiors.

Homemade car
Homemade Car

Someone who has decided that out of the thousands upon thousands of vehicles on the market, there isn't one which fulfills all their particular criteria, and therefore they'll make their own, is probably a perfectionist with a fair degree of technical ability and mental aptitude. Of course that all depends on how good their car is.

BOB 'Balanced over Batteries' homemade car

Nissan Leaf electric car
Electric Car

With the world rapidly running out of fossil fuel supplies, buyers of electric cars (and other eco-friendly modes of transport) are clearly looking to the future. They're the type of person who is willing to take some flak from others for what they rightfully believe in. Also, when filling your tank starts costing the same as your mortgage repayments the interviewer can hitch a lift, politely reminding them, "Remember how I gave you the job?"
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