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Top Ten Craziest Concept Cars

Mitsubishi MMR525

The Mitsubishi MMR525 Rally Racer concept is a wild and crazy off-road machine which looks like a cross between a futuristic dune buggy and a spacecraft.

Of special note are the innovative multidirectional rollers mounted to the perimeter of the 'wheel' for increased traction and maneuverability.
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GYM Concept Car

The GYM Concept Car, as the name suggests, incorporates a novel idea. A mobile gym.

The GYM Concept comprises of a single-seat cockpit surrounded by a lightweight injection molded magnesium alloy chassis and built in exercise machines. Covering the chassis is a minimal amount of carbon fibre bodywork, giving the car a purposeful appearance which was in part inspired by WW2 fighter aircraft.

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Bowler Raptor

The Bowler Raptor was designed to compete in the grueling Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 off road race held on Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. Essentially it is an extreme dune buggy developed to cope with the demanding and harsh terrain of the desert race.

The angular bodywork of the Bowler Raptor takes inspiration from both modern architecture and superbikes. The result is an aggressively styled machine which also features a highly functional body panel system. More photos and information

Ford MA

Fords MA concept car was developed purely as a design exercise with no intention of going into production.

The MA was constructed using a combination of bamboo wood and machined metal chassis members. If the MA had gone into production the idea would have been to sell the vehicle as a kit.
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Audi Quattroflex

The theory behind the Audi Quattroflex concept was to create a future vehicle which displayed "Emotion in Motion", and the similarity between the Quattroflex and olden-day horseless carriages was entirely intentional.

The Audi Quattroflex is controlled via a centrally mounted joystick, allowing the vehicle to be driven from either side.

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Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Roadster

The Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Roadster was created by a team of over 150 trainees and dual education system students at the Sindelfingen Mercedes-Benz plant in southwest Germany.

The large spoked wheels are designed to mimic the wheels found on the Benz Patent Motor Car from 1886, while the sleek nosecone is inspired by modern day Formula 1 cars.

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NASA Moonstream

The NASA Moonstream concept is a design proposal for a future moon exploration vehicle. The NASA sponsored project called for a conceptual lunar rover for the year 2020.

The exterior design of the Moonstream was heavily inspired by nature, from the protective shell of a tortoise, aquatic form of the humpback whale and stance of the giraffe.
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TH!NK Frost

The TH!NK FROST concept mixes the proportions and 2-seat platform of a sports car with the rugged capability of an off-road vehicle. The electric drivetrain of the concept features AWD, all-wheel-steering, fully independent suspension and hydraulic wheel extenders for increasing the track. Not to mention the radical tracks instead of conventional wheels which should offer superior traction when driving on snow, ice and slush.

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Lamborghini Toro

The Lamborghini Toro was inspired by the fact that before Lamborghini built supercars they built tractors. And they still do, although none of them look like this.

The styling of the Lamborghini Toro was born out of an attempt to fuse the functionality and off-road capabilities of Lamborghini's tractor products with the outrageous and angular styling of their supercars.

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Fiat Ducato Truckster

The Fiat Ducato Truckster was built in collaboration with Bosch, Behr, Sumitomo Group, and Denso. The vehicle was designed to be used for towing race cars or motorbikes.

Features of the Fiat Ducato Truckster concept include massive 28 inch wheels, LED headlights, smoked glass windows, hydraulic gullwing doors and an oversize double level spoiler.

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