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Automotive Maintenance Tutorials and How To's

Cars are pretty complicated things. They're made up of lots of parts and components, and any number of them can go wrong and leave you stranded by the roadside. Keeping an eye on your vehicles overall condition and making sure it is regularly maintained and any problems are quickly sorted can help keep your car live longer and run better.

Compiled here is a range of tutorials covering everything from basic automotive maintenance and driving tips, to descriptions of the various components, materials and systems which make up the modern car. Most of the explanations are written for people who have relatively limited mechanical experience!

How To Check Your Oil
An explanation covering how to check your vehicle's oil level, it's cleanliness, and also what the different oil levels may indicate.

How To Identify Vehicle Leaks
There's lots of different fluids which could be causing that dark stain on your garage floor. Here's a handy guide covering the ones which might have come from your car!

Basic Tire Maintenance
Making sure your tires are in good condition, and wearing down slowly in a nice uniform manner is a simple way of preventing tire failure, and a good way to help diagnose other problems.

Take 10 Years Off Your Car's Appearance
With the world economy recovering from a severe hangover there's bound to be a huge number of gearheads who have had to put aside their plans to trade up to a better vehicle.

How to Perform a Heel-and-Toe Downshift
The heel-and-toe gearchange is an advanced driving technique which allows for smoother driving and braking.

Left-Foot Braking
Left-foot braking is a pretty difficult skill to master and as such shouldn't be practiced on public roads. If you get it wrong it could easily end up causing a crash.

Driving on Snow and Ice
To stay in control of a vehicle while driving on snow and ice, the key is smooth inputs. One way to think of it is to imagine everything is happening in slow motion.

What is Torque?
In physics, torque can be thought of informally as 'rotational force'. Torque is often listed as part of the basic specifications of an engine.

What is a 'Monocoque'?
Monocoque, meaning 'single shell' in French, is a construction technique that utilizes the external skin to support some or most of the load.

What are Superchargers?
A supercharger (sometimes referred to as a blower) is a compressor used to pump fresh air into the engine cylinders.
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