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About This Section

Featured in this section of is a wide variety of tools which are used in automotive repair and maintenance. Each tool represented here has an image showing clearly the design (designs will obviously vary depending on the manufacturer), information on what it is used for, and in some cases a brief description of how it is used. Always read the instructions provided by the manufacturer which is specific to that tool.


ABS Brake Servicing Tool
Adjustable Joint Pliers
Adjustable Pry Bar
Air Belt Sander
Air Blowgun
Air Body Saw
Air Caulking Gun
Air Chisel
Air Cut-Off Tool
Air Drill
Air Hammer
Air Impact Wrench
Air Nibbler
Air Operated Fuel Drainer
Air Operated Panel Dryer
Air Ratchet
Air Riveter
Air Screwdriver
Air Underbody Coating Gun
Alignment Rack
Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush
Alternator Tester
Angled Surfacing Spoon
Angular Tightening Gauge
Antifreeze Tester
Automatic Transmission Pressure Gauge
Automatic Wire Strippers
Automotive Breakout Box
Automotive Tachometer
Axle Nut Socket
Axle Stand


Ball Joint Puller
Ball Joint Separator
Band Clamp
Battery and Alternator Analyzer
Battery Charger
Battery Hydrometer
Battery Load Tester
Beam-Enhancing Glasses
Bearing Packer
Bearing Separator and Puller Set
Bent Snipe Nose Pliers
Bench Grinder
Bench Vice
Bevel-Edged Chisel
Blind Bearing Puller
Body Filler
Body Filler Applicator Set
Bottle Jack
Brake Bleed Kit
Brake Drum Micrometer
Brake Fluid Tester
Brake Pad Key
Brake Pedal Effort Gauge
Brake Pedal Jack
Brake Pin Punch
Brake Piston Retraction Tool
Brake Piston Rotation Tool
Brake Shoe Adjustment Gauge
Brake Spring Pliers
Brake Spring Remover
Brake Spring Washer Tool
Bumping Tool
Bushing Driver Kit


Camshaft Alignment Tool
Camshaft Locking Tool
Camshaft Setting Tool
Car Ramps
Car Transporter Straps
Carburetor Synchronizer
Carburetor Wrench
Caster-Camber Bubble Gauge
Chain Pipe Cutter
Chassis Straightening Kit
Chuck Key
Clutch Adjusting Wrench
Clutch Alignment Tool
Cold Chisel
Combination Ladder
Combination Pliers
Combination Wrench
Compression Gauge
Computer Memory Saver
Coil Spring Compressor
Control Arm Bushing Tool
Cooling System Flushing Tool
Copper/Rawhide Mallet
Cordless Drill
Corrosion Assessment Tool
Crimping Pliers
Crimping Tool
Cross Beam Adapter
Crowfoot Wrench
Curved Ring Spanner
Cutting Mat
Cut Off Saw
CV Banding Tool
CV Boot Clamp Pliers (Earless Clamps)
CV Boot Clamp Pliers (Ear-Type Clamps)
CV Boot Tool
Cylinder Head Stand
Cylinder Hone


Dent Puller
Dial Bore Gauge
Dial Test Indicator
Diesel Fuel System Priming Tool
Differential Bearing Preload Wrench
Differential Filter Spanner
Digital Tape Measure
Disc Brake Pad Puller
Distributor Tester
Distributor Wrench
Dolly (metalwork)
Door Handle Spring Clip Tool
Door Lock Hole Reforming Tool
Door Panel Removal Tool
Door Pin Removal Tool
Door Skin Crimping Tool
Dowel Pin Punch
Drive Line Filler System
Drywall Saw
Dual Action Air Sander
Dust Free System
Dwell Meter


Electronic Cam Belt Tension Tool
Emergency Hammer/Cutter
End Cutter Pliers
Engine Analyzer
Engine Cleaning Brush
Engine Crane
Engine Stand
Exhaust Doughnut Puller Tool
Exhaust Hanger Removal Pliers
Exhaust Manifold Socket Set
Exhaust Paste
Exhaust Pipe Cutter
Exhaust Pipe Expander
Extending Wheel Nut Wrench
Extension Bar


Fan Clutch Holder
Fault Code Reader
Feeler Gauge
Five Gas Analyzer
Flare Nut Spanner
Flexible Drill Shaft
Flexible Spark Plug Wrench
Flexiwrap Ends and Bends
Floor Jack
Flywheel Puller
Flywheel Turner
Flywheel Wrench
Foldaway Telescopic Ladder
Foot Pump
Ford Clutch Coupling Tool
Ford Ignition Module Wrench
Four Gas Analyzer
Fret Saw
Fuel Feed Pipe Pliers
Fuel Filter Key
Fuel Injection Pressure Tester
Fuel Line Disconnection Pliers
Fuel Sender Spanner


Gasket Scraper
Glass Fiber Kit
Grease Gun
Grease Gun Hose


Half Shaft Removal Tool
Hand Edge Setter
Harmonic Balance Puller
Heavy Duty Pry Spoon
Heavy Duty Scissors
Heel Bar
Hinge Cutter
Hook Tool
Hole Saw
Hose Clamp Pliers
Hose Clip Driver
Hose Pinch
Hose Pinchers
Hose Removal Pliers
Hot Air Gun
HSS (High-Speed Steel) Drill Bit
HVLP Paint Gun
Hydraulic Body Repair Kit
Hydraulic Brake Hose Clamp
Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Puller
Hydraulic Push/Pull Ram Kit


Identification Clips
Ignition Spark Tester
Infrared Hand Held Paint Dryer
Infrared Heater
Inspection Light
Interchangeable Head Body Repair Hammer


Jacking Beam
Jerry Can
Jerry Can Funnel Kit
Jeweller's Screwdriver
Jump Leads
Junior Hacksaw


Kevlar Hot Sleeve
Knee Pads


Laser Level
Left Hand Drill Bit
Lever Action Barrel Pump
Lever Hoist
Lifting Tackle
Line Wrench
Locking Wrench
Long Reach Plug Spanner
Long Snipe Nose Pliers
Lug Wrench
LVLP Paint Gun


Machinists Hammer
Magnetic Angle Locator
Magnetic Parts Tray
Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Magnetic Spray Gun Holder
Magnetic Wheel Alignment Gauge
Manifold Jack
Manual Chain Hoist
Mechanics Creeper
Mechanics Stethoscope
Metal Working Lathe
Milling Machine
Monkey Wrench
Multi Hose Cutter


Needle File
Needle Nose Pliers
Nitrile Gloves
Noid Light Set
Non-Marring Scraper
Nut Splitter


O Ring and Seal Puller
Oil Drainer
Oil Filter Pliers
Oil Filter Remover
Oil Suction Gun
Oxygen Sensor Wrench


Paintless Dent Removal Tool
Panel Hole Wing Punch
Panel Saw
Parking Brake Cable Remover
Parts Cleaning Brush
Parts Cleaning Tank
Pickup Tool
Pilot Bearing Puller
Pin Hammer
Pipe Cutter
Pipe Flaring Tool
Piston Ring Groove Cleaner
Piston Ring Pliers
Plug Cutter
Pneumatic Paint Can Crusher
Portable Jump Start Pack
Portable Oil Extractor
Portable Pneumatic Exhaust Fume Extractor
Power Bar
Power Hacksaw
Power Hoist
Power Key Set
Power Steering Pressure Gauge
Precision Lubricator
Precision Steel Square
Pressure Brake Bleeder
Pressure Washer
Pry Bar
Putty Knife



Radiator Cap Removal Tool
Radiator Comb
Radiator Hose Removal Tool
Radio Removal Tool
Ratchet Action Cable Cutter
Ratchet Screwdriver
Ratchet Spanners
Recoil Air Hose
Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector
Retaining Ring Pliers
Retractable Trimming Knife
Reversible Puller
Revolving Punch Pliers
Ring Spanner
Rolastep Flanging Tool Jogglers
Round File
Rubber Faced Mallet
Rubber Heel Dolly


Sash Clamp
Scissor Jack
Seal Driver
Seat Belt Button Crimping Tool
Sharpening Stone
Sheet Metal Folder
Sheet Metal Clamp
Sheet Metal Compound Shears
Sheet Metal Hole Cutting Kit
Shot Blasting Cabinet
Shot Blasting Gun
Slab and Block Splitter
Slide Hammer
Slip Joint Pliers
Solder Sucker
Soldering Gun
Soldering Iron
Soldering Mat
Spark Plug Boot Pliers
Spark Plug Cleaning Brush
Spark Plug Thread Chaser
Spindle Puller
Square Drain Plug Key
Staple Gun
Step Drill
Stillson Wrench
Straight Edge
Stubby Screwdriver
Surform Rasp
Syphon Pump


Tenon Saw
Thread Restoring File
Throttle Potentiometer Tester
Timing Light
Tie Rod Adjusting Tool
Tie Rod Wrench
Tire Changer
Tire Levers
Tire Pressure Gauge
Tire Tread Depth Gauge
Tire Valve Repair Tool
Torque Driver
Torque Wrench
Torx Head
Touch-up Spray Gun
Towing Brace
Tram Gauge
Transmission Jack
Transmission Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool
Trim Removal Tool
Trolley Jack
Tube Cleaning Brush
Turning Radius Gauge


Universal Hub Puller
Universal Joint Press


Vacuum Base Table Vice
Vacuum Brake Bleeder
Vacuum Test Kit
Valve Grinder
Valve Spring Compressor
Valve Spring Depressor
Valve Spring Tester
Valve Stem Seal Pliers
Valved Mask
Variator Wrench
Vernier Caliper
Video Borescope
Viscous Hub Spanner


Wheel Balance Weight Pliers
Wheel Chocks
Wheel Skate
Window Holder Kit
Window Scraper
Window Winder Clip Removal Tool
Windscreen Wiper Arm Removal Tool
Windscreen Wire Cutting Handles
Wire Brush
Wire Piercing Guide Clip
Wire Terminal Tool




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