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GM Bare Necessities Car

GM Bare Necessities Car

GM Bare Necessities Car

GM Bare Necessities Car

GM Bare Necessities Car
Make GM
Model Bare Necessities Car
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine -

The GM Bare Necessities Car concept was produced by GM's designers at 'The Lab', a new collaborative and interactive design research community. The Lab is a place where the designers at GM can promote and develop their own semiofficial concepts. Most of the projects featured at The Lab won't advance beyond the sketching phase but they will help assess consumer response to new ideas and potential vehicles.

The GM Bare Necessities Car was developed around the idea of creating a extremely efficient car which could fulfill the needs of most people without adding unnecessary and costly options and technology.

Before starting work on the vehicle the designers had to define and then answer two questions. Firstly, how do you design an optimally efficient vehicle? And what exactly does that mean. And secondly the designers had to find out what features consumers would happily trade off in order to improve efficiency.

The self-set brief became one to design a car which could achieve the lowest cost per mile of any four seat car. To attain that goal the designers decided that the best start would be to produce a very small car with a flexible interior space.

Therese Tant, one of the vehicle's designers said of the concept; "The question of making trade-offs is difficult. “Bare necessity” in vehicle terms has a unique meaning to different people. The idea of offering people only what they need and nothing more became an important focus. Ok, but it can’t feel cheap or limiting, it has to be flawlessly executed. As designers, we had to think in terms of designing in the ability to eliminate non-critical features, based on unique customer needs."

This resulted in a vehicle with fewer parts and a basic architecture which utilised renewable or recyclable materials which were lightweight.

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