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ROBRADY rMOTO side view

ROBRADY rMOTO electric motorbike

ROBRADY rMOTO electric motorbike
Make Robrady
Model rMoto
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine Electric

The rMOTO electric superbike concept was developed by Robrady design in Florida, the rMOTO uses technology and expertise derived from several of Robrady's clients. When the first design sketches of the rMOTO were released on the company web site in April, interest in the concept was so great that the project was approved for construction and a prototype is to be constructed for unveiling in January 2006.
Rob Brady talks about the ground breaking concept, and expected performance.

“It's kind of a balance we need to resolve. We can get a 100 miles an hour, 120 miles an hour bike but then the range of the bike suffers so it's a matter of starting and knowing that the technologies and different battery chemistries will evolve in time, and probably not very much time at that."

The rMOTO uses regenerative charging to recharge the batteries during braking and deceleration. The rMOTO is also suited for fuel cell technology and there's every chance the rMOTO could have a fuel cell on board so that power can be topped up without needing to get to an electrical outlet.
Talking about the riding characteristics of the rMOTO Rob Brady explains the difference in power delivery between conventional internal combustion engines and electric motors, a feature also common to the electric sports car the Venturi Fetish.
"It's not going to be like having a big gas motor that you need to get it into maximum torque zone before you pop the clutch and then fight to keep it there so you can get maximum acceleration. This baby will have maximum torque at zero sitting right there inside the rear wheel ready to go - I can't emphasise how fast this bike will accelerate.

The rMOTO is just the start for high performance electric vehicles, and many experts suspect an exponential increase in the development of related technology in the next few years.

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