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Audi Prologue Avant

Audi Prologue Avant concept car

Following on from the ground-breaking Audi Prologue, the Audi Prologue Avant is the wagon version of a futuristic Audi flagship model.

The Prologue Avant builds on the solid design foundations laid down by its sedan car sibling. Yet despite carrying the Avant moniker, the concept isn't a full-on practical estate car, more of a four door coupe with a smidgen of extra head room and a slightly larger cargo area.

In profile its obvious the concept was designed to impress, with a low-slung appearance, massive wheels, and a sporty roofline.

Up front the Prologue Avant concept features matrix LED headlights and large side air intakes flanking the wide single-frame grille.

Audi Prologue Avant concept car interior

The interior of the Audi Prologue Avant concept is minimalist, almost to a fault, and is characterised by clean lines and an uncluttered dashboard and center console. OLED touchscreen displays cover almost the entire width of the dash and mean there are very few physical buttons or switches in the cabin.

Make Audi
Model Prologue Avant
Concept Year 2015
Engine / Drivetrain -

Image Gallery

Audi Prologue Avant concept car side view

Audi Prologue Avant concept car rear view

Audi Prologue Avant concept car cabin layout

Audi Prologue Avant concept car dashboard


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