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Bugatti Aerolithe

Bugatti Aerolithe

Bugatti Aerolithe

Bugatti Aerolithe interior

Bugatti Aerolithe

Bugatti Aerolithe
Make Bugatti
Model Aerolithe
Concept year 2010
Production year -
Engine -

The Bugatti Aerolithe concept is the work of Douglas Hogg, a 2010 graduate of Coventry University's Transport design course.

The name recalls a Bugatti prototype from 1935
The concept is a proposal for an glamorous sports coupe with dramatic swooping lines.

Created for the year 2025, the Aerolithe is named after a prototype vehicle Bugatti unveiled at the 1935 Paris Motor Show. That car, the Bugatti Electron Aerolithe, was the vehicle which spawned legendary Bugatti Atlantic models.

The styling of Hogg's vehicle, as you might expect, takes much of its inspiration from the original car. Although to say the Aerolithe looks traditional or classic in its appearance would be a lie. It looks stunning and contemporary - with a genuine sense of originality.

The dramatic doors of the concept open upwards and forward to create an expansive opening. The doors actually take part of the dashboard with them as they are opened providing a truly unique experience for the driver and passenger.

The proposed drivetrain for the Aerolithe concept is an advanced gas turbine-electric hybrid system. The electric motor - which drives the rear wheels - offers up 450 horsepower.

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