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Lotus APX

Lotus APX

Lotus APX

Lotus APX interior
Make Lotus
Model APX
Concept year 2006
Production year -
Engine 3.0 litre V6

The Lotus APX (Aluminum Performance Crossover) which graced the floors at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show was a vehicle designed not to show off Lotus' latest production vehicle or design language. Instead the APX was meant to highlight the company's new Versatile Vehicle Architecture (VVA) technology.

VVA is a unique and innovative construction method which uses modular aluminium components in order to allow automakers to develop and produce niche, low-volume vehicles faster and at a lower cost - while still retaining extremely high quality, safety and handling levels (partially due to the low weight).

The Lotus APX concept featured a seven seat interior with a 2+3+2 seating layout. The interior was trimmed in a minimalist manner with aluminium and silver highlights standing out from the black leather and plastic.

Powering the Lotus APX was a 300 horsepower, 3.0 litre V6 mounted up front. This unit was connected to a AWD transmission.

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