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Lotus Extreme concept car

Lotus Extreme concept car

Lotus Extreme concept car
Make Lotus
Model Extreme
Concept year 2000
Production year -
Engine Hybrid

The Lotus Extreme from 2000 was a concept created by Ted Mannerfeit, a student of Coventry University's Transport Design program. The Extreme was shown at both the British Motor Show and Coventry University's Design Show.

The Extreme concept continues the Lotus tradition of minimal weight and driver orientated function. The Extreme concept used a variety of design inspiration including aircraft, motorcycles and boats.

The chassis of the Lotus Extreme concept is formed from aluminum, and covered with a composite carbon fibre body. The gearbox is a six-speed sequential unit, this is connected to a hybrid power system consisting of an electric motor and a natural gas two-stroke engine. The result is low emissions with high performance - the concept is capable of over 100 mpg fuel consumption.

The tandem seating , 450 kg Lotus Extreme concept can theoretically achieve 0-60mph in just five seconds, and continue on to 150 mph. The suspension allows the Extreme to lean into turns like a motorcycle, the tires are also from motorcycles.

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