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Lotus Etna

Lotus Etna

Lotus Etna
Make Lotus
Model Etna
Concept year 1984
Production year -
Engine V8

The Lotus Etna was a creation of Giorgetto Giuguaro from the Italian styling house ItalDesign.

The Etna was based on a modified Lotus Esprit chassis and featured the same mid-engine layout. The proposed power plant was an all-alloy 90 degree V8 which developed 330 bhp @ 6,500 rpm. However in reality the Lotus Etna was just a styling model and was incapable of moving under its own power.

The wedge-shaped, carbon fibre reinforced body helped the Etna achieve a low drag coefficient, and a theoretical top speed of 182 mph was claimed.

The 1984 Lotus Etna concept never found its way into production and the car remains a one-off.

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