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Mercedes-Benz F600 HYGENIUS

Mercedes-Benz F600 HYGENIUS

Mercedes-Benz F600 HYGENIUS

Mercedes-Benz F600 HYGENIUS

Mercedes-Benz F600 HYGENIUS interior

Mercedes-Benz F600 HYGENIUS drivetrain diagram

Mercedes-Benz F600 HYGENIUS
Make Mercedes-Benz
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine hydrogen fuel cell

The Mercedes F600 HYGENIUS which made its debut at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show was an advanced and fully functioning concept designed to showcase Mercedes' latest technology in the field of hydrogen fuel cells.

The high-tech drivetrain of the F600 HYGENIUS - which comprised of a hydrogen fuel cell, hybrid battery and an electric motor - was designed to run more efficiently and have better cold weather starting than previous designs. Power output of the system was a modest 115 horsepower which was sent to the rear wheels through the electric motor. But as we all know electric motors provide 100% of their power and torque from zero rpm and up. So the 115 horses should give the F600 plenty of pick-up around town and on the highways.

The exterior design of the Mercedes-Benz F600 HYGENIUS was stylish and futuristic. There were obvious similarities with production Mercedes models, like the B-Class, but overall it represented a fresh approach to styling for the company. The exterior was dominated by the contrasting mixture of silver painted bodywork and gloss black panels which seamlessly blended into the windows.

Plenty of light was brought into the cabin thanks to the expansive windows and large glazed roof panel. The versatile interior had room for four, and could be configured in a variety of ways for hauling either people or cargo. In addition all the seats (excluding the driver's) could be faced either forwards or backwards.

Although not that important in the grand scheme of things, the F600 HYGENIUS had clever cup holders which could either cool or heat the drinks held in them.

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