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Mitsubishi ESR

Mitsubishi ESR

Mitsubishi ESR
Make Mitsubishi
Model ESR
Concept year 1993
Production year -
Engine hybrid, petrol / electric

The Mitsubishi ESR (Ecological Science Research) concept was a drivetrain research vehicle first revealed at the 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The slippery shape of the bodywork was designed to make the ESR as aerodynamically efficient as possible. It wasn't pretty but then it didn't need to be - it was never destined for production.

Powering the Mitsubishi ESR was a hybrid drivetrain which consisted of a 1.5 litre internal combustion engine mounted in the rear, and a 70 Kw electric motor located up front. The electric motor provided power to the front wheels while the engine was used to keep the batteries charged. Regenerative braking was also used to help keep the batteries topped up.

Over short journeys the ESR could travel solely on electric power, it was only for longer trips that the internal combustion engine was required to keep the 28 onboard batteries well charged.

Using hybrid power the ESR had an approximate range of 620 miles (1,000 km) when traveling at a constant 25 miles per hour (40 km/h). When using battery power alone the range was around 310 miles (500 km). Top speed of the ESR was very respectable for a hybrid electric vehicle at 120 mph (200km/h) - this was partly due to the low drag coefficient of just 0.25 Cd.

The ESR was equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System) which could automatically switch the car from hybrid to battery-only operation when entering an urban areas.

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