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Mitsubishi Nessie

Mitsubishi Nessie

Mitsubishi Nessie

Mitsubishi Nessie

Mitsubishi Nessie

Mitsubishi Nessie
Make Mitsubishi
Model Nessie
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine hydrogen fueled V8

The Mitsubishi Nessie concept was a design developed by a trio of companies - Mitsubishi Motors, Italdesign, and The Linde Group.

First unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Auto Show, the Nessie concept was based on a Mitsubishi Pajero platform which was modified to accept the custom bodywork created the Italian company Italdesign.

Powering the Mitsubishi Nessie concept was a hydrogen fueled V8 engine developed by The Linde Group. Power was sent to all four wheels through an automatic transmission.

Design elements of the Mitsubishi Nessie which helped the car stand out included; the windows built into the lower section of the doors, an unusual roof-rack design which also acted as c-pillars, a glass roof and massive 23" rear wheels.

Italdesign said of the Nessie concept: "The styling exercise was aimed at a new sculpted modeling of the product with particular attention to the plastic nature of the volumes and the side panel to give rise to a brand new vehicle architecture, a fastback coupé.

The 'monster'is a fastback coupe: a third, albeit reduced, box is added at the rear to offer more room for passengers and luggage, while a third door appeared on the right side for easy access to the second row."

The Mitsubishi Nessie never made it further than the prototype stage of development.

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