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Nissan Land Glider

Nissan Land Glider

Nissan Land Glider

Nissan Land Glider

Nissan Land Glider

Nissan Land Glider interior

Nissan Land Glider interior
Make Nissan
Model Land Glider
Concept year 2009
Production year -
Engine Electric

The Land Glider is a tilting-body, electric powered, concept car which Nissan revealed at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

The Land Glider has a tandem seat layout which allows for a much narrower overall width than a conventional car. This means that not only is the frontal area of the Land Glider smaller - which reduces drag and increases efficiency - but the narrow profile helps when it comes to the tilting the vehicle into corners. The maximum tilt angle for the Land Glider is 17 degrees.

Unlike many tilting vehicles, like the Carver One and Mercedes F 300 Life Jet which use a three-wheel layout, the Nissan Land Glider is a four-wheeled vehicle - like the Lumeneo Smera.

Described by Nissan as a "personal city commuter," the Land Glider features steering-by-wire and a full-electric drivetrain. Powering the car is a pair of electric motors fed by lithium-ion batteries located under the floor to reduce the centre of gravity. The Nissan Land Glider also features a non-contact charging system that can be charged whilst shopping at a supermarket or stopping at a motorway service station. This system enables vehicles to be charged cable-less at locations where the infrastructure exists.

Takashi Nakajima, Nissan's Project Design Director said of the Land Glider. "The exterior incorporates a soft, sleek-looking body that appears to be protected by a special armor. And while it is very mechanical in its nature, the four-wheeler boasts a dynamic body design that almost seems alive. As part of Nissan's expanding zero emission family, the Land Glider exudes a clean, friendly attitude."

To ensure maximum safety whilst driving, engineers have fitted a car-robotics style crash avoidance system in which sensors mounted in the body detect other vehicles in the same way as fish swim in schools without colliding. This system directs the vehicle's path away from any obstacles.

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