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Lumeneo Smera

Lumeneo Smera

Lumeneo Smera

Lumeneo Smera interior

This Smera is a compact electric car created by the French company Lumeneo. Founded in 2003 by Daniel and Thierry Moulène, Lumeneo has spent several years developing and updating their electric vehicles and the culmination of their work, as of 2009, is the Smera.

At the heart of the Lumeneo Smera is a 40 horsepower, brushless electric motor and a lithium ion battery pack. This drivetrain gives the Smera a top speed of 80 mph and a 8.0 second 0-60 mph time. Not exactly a race car pace but it's easily fast enough to cope with modern traffic speeds and acceleration.

The compact dimensions of the Smera, at 2.4 metres long and 80cm wide means the vehicle can easily navigate congested city streets. And thanks to the tilting mechanism the Smera can carve up the roads on faster bends. The tilting mechanism uses a computer controlled servo-motor which automatically adjusts the cabin angle and wheel geometry to provide intuitive and fun handling. The maximum tilt angle is 25 degrees.

The interior of the Lumeneo Smera features leather trim, and LCD dash display and an aircraft-yoke style steering wheel.

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