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Peugeot 20Cup 3 wheel concept

Peugeot 20Cup 3 wheel concept

Peugeot 20Cup rear view
Make Peugeot
Model 20Cup
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine 4 cylinder

Peugeot's gorgeous 20Cup concept was unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt motorshow. The 3-wheel 20Cup was designed at the Peugeot Style Centre.

The 20Cup was intended to provide a missing link between cars and motorcycles.

The front end of the 20Cup is distinctly Peugeot, then concept then tapers inward transforming into a enclosed motorcycle with side-by-side seating and a single rear wheel.

The single-arm rear axle, virtually load-free, is used to steer the 20Cup, which weighs less than 1100 lb (500 kg).
Built with aerodynamics in mind, the 20Cup features a generous front-mounted air intake, with air evacuated laterally ahead of the front wheels.

Incidentally the 20cup bears more than a passing resemblance to the 1996 Peugeot concept the Asphalte. Like the 20Cup, the Volkswagen GX3 was another 3-wheeled concept to preview during the 2005 - 2006 motor show season.

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