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Peugeot Nautilus by Pininfarina

Peugeot Nautilus by Pininfarina

Make Peugeot
Model Nautilus
Concept year 1997
Production year -
Engine 2.4 litre V6

The Peugeot Nautilus concept by Pininfarina was based on a Peugeot 605. Pininfarina have designed other Peugeot vehicles, the best know is probably the Peugeot 406 coupe from 1997.

The Peugeot Nautilus was not intended for production, more as a display of Pininfarina's ability to create a stunning four door luxury passenger car.

The Nautilus, designed by Ken Okuyama, used the sea for inspiration. The most obvious design elements to use this influence were the fin-like wheels and nautilus-shell shaped steering wheel center. Other interesting features included door handles hidden in the window frames and cameras instead of wing mirrors.

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