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Toyota Estima Hybrid

Toyota Estima Hybrid

Toyota Estima Hybrid interior
Make Toyota
Model Estima Hybrid
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine 2.4 litre engine and electric motor

The Toyota Estima Hybrid concept which which was premiered at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show was designed to preview the style of the third generation Toyota Estima (Previa in Europe) MPV.

The Toyota Estima Hybrid looked quite unremarkable when viewed from the rear angle. But when viewed from the front it displayed its long tapering snout. The pointy front end gives the impression the Estima could poke a whole in the air and create its own slipstream. The front end also played host to the unusual one-piece headlight/grille assembley.

In profile, the Toyota Estima Hybrid best showed off its darkened glass and black pillars. These sat neatly atop the blue bodywork, sandwiched between that and the body colored roof. The interior of the Toyota Estima hybrid featured an array of high-tech media, including multiple digital screens.

Powering the Toyota Estima Hybrid concept was, unsuprisingly, a hybrid drivetrain which consisted of a 2.4 litre engine driving the front wheels, and an electric motor driving the rear wheels.

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