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Buell XB12R

Year of specifications 2005
Engine 1203 cc, V-twin
Transmission 5-speed, belt
Top speed 130
0-60 MPH 4.65
Horsepower 87 hp @ 6700 rpm
Weight 179 kg (395 lb)
Seat height 775 mm (30.5 in.)

The Buell XB1200 engine is a 1203cc air/fan and oil-cooled V-Twin designed to produce the kind of mid-range power that excels on the street. Rated at 103 peak horsepower and 84 ft. lbs. of tire-twisting torque the new XB1200 engine is equipped with Buell InterActive Exhaust, an electronically controlled system which optimizes exhaust back-pressure to broaden the engine’s torque band over a wide rpm range.

The Firebolt XB12R and Lightning XB12S join current models – the Firebolt XB9R, Lightning XB9S and Buell Blast.

A short article on Buell's radical engineering.


Review by: Ed:

The Buell XB12R is a marvelous motorcycle. If you're a fan of 600cc superbikes, leave the Buell alone. If you're looking for the fastest thing out there, likewise. But if you want something different, aggressive, and an absolute blast to ride, Buell is the way to go. It has tons of power and torque, and it makes peoples heads cock like a puppy watching a duck when they see a sportbike go by leaving the aural signature similar (but not the same!) to a Harley.

I purchased a 2006 model in October 2009, about one week before the announcement of the demise of Buell. I owned it for 3 months, rode it about 4,000 miles, and loved it.

A year later, after having a 2007 Honda VFR800, I was ready for something DIFFERENT again. Something light, powerful, with great fuel economy but head-turning looks. After looking around, I came right back where I started, trading my VFR for a mint 2004 XB12R. This one has some mild performance modifications (exhaust and ECM tune) and it remedies my complaints about my '06 -- too quiet and not quite enough power! I plan to keep this one for a WHILE.

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