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Icon Sheene

Icon Sheene

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Year of specifications 2010
Engine 1,400 cc, turbocharged, inline 4 cyl
Transmission 6-speed, chain
Top speed 200 mph
0-60 MPH -
Horsepower 250 horsepower
Weight -
Seat height -

The Icon Sheene is a limited edition superbike which was developed to commemorate the successful and popular British motorcycle racer Barry Sheene.

Sheene died in 2003 after a battle with cancer, and this bike - which was sanctioned by, and is signed by his wife - is the way in which Icon, and the man behind the company, Andrew Morris choose to pay their respects.

The Icon Sheene features an insanely powerful 1.4 litre, turbocharged, inline 4-cylinder engine which was borrowed from Suzuki and then worked over intensely. Output for this unit stands at 250 hp, and it develops 133 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel. Top speed is a blistering 200 mph.

Other highlights of the Icon Sheene superbike include a custom made tubular aluminium frame, and a unique swingarm which features an integrated hugger. Race specification forks and an adjustable rear shock complete the chassis package. The fuel tank is formed from hand-beaten aluminium and each unit takes around a month to fabricate! The bodywork is made up of hand-laid carbon fiber panels which have hidden fasteners so as not to interrupt the lines of the bike.

As far as tribute vehicles go the Icon Sheene is fairly genuine. Many of his friends, family and the people who worked with Sheene during his racing career have contributed to the project and helped design and engineer the bike.

In explaining the bike, Icon's founder said of the project; "...because Barry was so extraordinary, I knew my bike had to be, too. So it's handmade. In Britain. It features extreme levels of power and performance. And it's massively entertaining to ride hard. And in creating it I've felt proud and humble to work alongside many of the talented individuals and companies who helped Barry to win two World Championships."

Only 52 examples of the bike are set to be built (Sheene died at that age). Each bike is priced at an eye-watering £107,000 ($155,000).

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