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        D8 270 RS

Year (of specifications) 2004 -
Engine turbocharged Audi unit
Transmission -
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower -
weight -

The D8 270 RS from Netherlands based Donkervoort is a two-seat, lightweight sports car. The D8 270 RS is a tribute to the prestigious triumph at the Nordschleife in 2004 when Donkervoort broke the lap record for production cars. The Donkervoort D8 270 RS is directly related to the record-breaking car and is, therefore, a high-performance addition to the existing product line.

The D8 270 RS has a modified nose with larger ventilation openings and an extra radiator at the side of the car. Other significant technical changes compared to the standard Donkervoort D8 are an extra large intercooler, a larger turbo and other fuel injectors.

Each Donkervoort D8 270 RS is given an individual serial number and an identification plate engraved with the name of the owner and the cars serial number. In addition to this, a number of subtle details make it obvious that this is a special version.Only 25 examples of the D8 270 RS were produced.

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