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Ford Focus RS

2009 Ford Focus RS

2009 Ford Focus RS

2009 Ford Focus RS

2009 Ford Focus RS

2009 Ford Focus RS

2009 Ford Focus RS interior

Year (of specifications) 2009 - 2011
Engine turbocharged 2.5 litre 5 cylinder
Transmission 6 speed manual FWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph under 6 seconds
Horsepower 300 bhp
weight -

When it appeared in 2009, the Mk2 Ford Focus RS was the fastest production Focus in the model's 10 year history.

The second generation Ford Focus RS was developed by a small team of dedicated engineers, under the direction of Jost Capito, Ford of Europe's Vehicle Line Director for Performance Vehicles.

Capito said of the car: "We want the new Focus RS to be a serious high performance car – as much a car for driving enthusiasts as the one before it and classic Ford RS models of the past. We’re staying true to the core RS principles of an exciting, yet affordable performance road car you can live with every day."

Powering the 2009 Ford Focus RS is a turbocharged, 2.5 litre, 5 cylinder, Duratech engine. This powerplant is tuned to develop 300 horsepower and 302lb/ft (410Nm) of torque. In order to achieve these figures, Ford's engineers developed unique camshafts, a revised cylinder head and gasket, and revised intake and exhaust manifold systems for the car.

Sending the power to the front wheels is a manual gearbox - through a Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing limited-slip differential. The limited-slip differential works in conjunction with a front suspension system Ford has named the 'RevoKnuckle'. This system is designed to reduce torque steer during hard acceleration, cornering or driving on uneven surfaces, when torque on the driven wheels exceeds grips levels. Torque steer is characterized by sudden turning force on the steering wheel, and can be exacerbated by vehicles with wide tires and limited-slip differentials.

The Ford Focus RS features a a 40mm wider track, stronger, longer driveshafts, revised springs and dampers and a thicker, longer rear anti-roll bar. The brakes also have been upgraded, with 336mm ventilated front discs and 300mm rear discs.

The exterior design of the 2009 Ford Focus RS is aggressive to say the least. The front-end is adorned with a multitude of vents, grilles and louvres. All nicely finished in gloss black. The car sits low, and has flared wheel arches complemented by revised, deeper side skirts.

At the rear of the Focus RS, a deep rear bumper incorporates a large venturi tunnel into its lower edge, with small vents at each corner of the bumper. Two chrome tailpipes sit either side of the black colored venturi tunnel.

The interior of the Ford Focus RS is dominated by Recaro high-performance sports seats, specially designed for excellent support.

The centre console is finished in a gloss, carbon-look trim and metallic highlights abound, from air vents, door grab handles, switchgear and gearshift surround, to RS-branded scuff plates on the door sills.


Review by: Anonymous:
I recently purchased a new 2010 Ford Focus RS, and it is absolutely amazing, I also have a Ford Falcon XR8 and compared to the RS it is "boring"!

The power, torque and speed is outstanding, and it corners superbly, even dropping into a corner a little fast it just powers around.

The finish etc is really good.

The only criticism is that there is no cruise control, as it tends to want to sneak above the speed limit on the highway and one must be mindful...

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