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2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Year (of specifications) 2007
Engine 5409 cc supercharged V8
Transmission 6 speed auto and manual RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph -
Horsepower 475 bhp
weight 1780 kg / 3920 lbs

The 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 was introduced at the 2003 New York International Auto Show. The Shelby GT500 is powered by a 5.4L Modular 500HP supercharged V8. Performance features include the Tremec TR-6060 6-speed manual transmission, sports suspension, aggressive body kit, and 18 inch wheels.

The Ford Shelby GT500's engine is force-fed through a "Roots-type" supercharger. Performance elements borrows from the Ford GT include aluminum, four-valve cylinder heads, piston rings and bearings, adding a high level of performance durability to the drivetrain. "Powered by SVT" camshaft covers add the finishing touch to the engine.

The Ford Shelby GT500 was the product of a collaboration between Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) and Carroll Shelby. The first 2007 Shelby GT500 was auctioned off at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction on 21 January 2006 in Scottsdale, Arizona for $648,000.

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