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Toyota Celica GT-Four

Year 1993 - 2002
Engine 1998 cc inline 4 cylinder turbo
Transmission 5 speed manual AWD
Max speed 143 mph
0-60 mph 5.3 seconds
Horsepower 240 hp @ 6000 rpm (see below)
weight 1496 kg

Review by: AJI

The J-spec Celica GT-four ST205 comes with a 240bhp engine as stock. This figure obviously varies depending on which fuel is used but the export engines and the Japanese home market engines are very, very similar with few changes. There are a few varients of the ST205 in terms of 'kit' added as standard. The WRC version came along with water injection rail & anti-lag for rally homologation purposes, but none of this 'kit' was actually connected up and required a number of other parts to actually get them to work.

The Japanese export version usually came without the high rear spoiler, where as the home market version nearly always had it. These cars, as with most turbocharged engines, can be made to be very powerful with little money and modifications. BHP figures around the 300 area are easily achievable via the usual route of incrasing the boost to the stock turbos. The ST205 GT-fours are inbuilt with an amount of understeer and this result in a safe car to drive to the limit. The rear LSD really helps out the handling of these cars compared to previous versions such as the ST185. A couple of maintenance issues which have arisen over the years are cracked rotar arms and worn figure-8 suspension units. All in all, the ST205 is yet another cracking performance car from Japan.


Review by: Gibson99

There's some incorrect info on the Celica GT-Four here. The engine in the Celica GT-Four is a 2.0L (1998cc) single turbo inline four cylinder, designated the 3S-GTE. It's all-wheel drive, and does indeed have a 5-speed manual gearbox. The 240 hp mark seems a bit high to me. U.S. models were rated at around 180 hp if i recall correctly - perhaps the model you have listed is either JDM or has been modified (note the aftermarket wheels on the car in the photo).


Review by: Gav

Hi Gibson99,

I think you are incorrect, the Celica GT Four discussed here is the ST205, this produces 240/ 255bhp (WRC model.) The ST185 which I believe you are referring to produces around 180/ 190bhp mark, the ST165 produced less again.

The ST205 WRC model came with a few extra's bred from the rally but was not activated on the domestic version, you can have them activated for around 50 ($100), this would include water jet spray cooling and some slight changes to the AWD system. The ST205 normal domestic model produces approx 240bhp and was limited to a max speed of 115mph.
Hope this helps Gav


Review by: Anon.

For the ST205 Celica GT-Four:
UK Spec rear badging is different to JDM.
Left side rear badge Toyota Celica
Right side rear badge GT-Four
JDM vehicles have badging reversed with the word Toyota missing.
UK spec Stock Radios came with RDS. RDS not used in Japan.
Air conditioning was manual on UK cars, plus it has an 'eco' button - unlike left hand drive vehicles for other markets (NA).

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