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Toyota MR2 Mk2

Year (of specifications) 1990 - 1999
Engine 2000 cc inline 4 cyl turbo
Transmission manual RWD
Max speed -
0-60 mph 6.0 seconds
Horsepower 220 hp (Japan spec)
weight -

The Toyota MR2 went through a complete redesign in 1989, resulting in the MR2 Mark II. The new MR2, designated SW20 (in America the chassis codes were SW22 for the turbocharged model and SW21 for the naturally-aspirated model), was longer, wider and heavier than the MR2 Mk1 and had smoother more contemporary bodylines.

When the MR2 Mk2 went on sale in 1990, it was available with four different engine choices depending on the market area. All engines were 2.0 litre, DOHC, 16 valve, 4 cylinder engines, excluding the naturally-aspirated US model which used a 2.2 litre engine. The most powerful engine was the turbocharged 3S-GTE, which was available in Japan with 220 hp (in 1994 this was output was increased to 245 hp), and 200 hp in the US. The turbocharged MR2 was sold as the MR2 GT in Japan and the MR2 Turbo in America.

Like the MR2 MKI, the MKII was offered with several choices of roof type. The standard option was a hardtop coupe. But the car could also be ordered with either a T-top roof or a moon roof option.

Toyota's aim was to make the car's suspension geometry work the same way that true supercars do. This made the MK2 MR2's cornering abilities superb, but it was also far too easy for an inexperienced driver to make a mistake, leading to sudden oversteer which often resulted in a spin unless the driver reacted both quickly and correctly.

To remedy this, Toyota changed the 1993 MR2 to include wider rear tires and changed the rear suspension, mainly the vehicle's height, shock absorbing properties and longer rear toe links, so that the car would be more prone to understeer, thus making it more difficult to push the car into oversteer. Along with the suspension changes, the MR2 received new 15" wheels to fit the larger brakes that were also introduced. Some shifting problems which affected the first revisions (1990-1992) were remedied with stronger dual synchronization rings.

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