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Hunter alignment rack with HawkEye high-definition digital imaging wheel alignment

An alignment rack is a device onto which a vehicle is driven in order to carry out alignment measurements and adjustments. An alignment rack allows access to the underside of a vehicle while the chassis rests its full weight on all four wheels and on a perfectly level surface.

Alignment racks are normally found only in professional workshops and are used in conjunction with high-precision alignment systems, which may involve a combination of lasers, electronic scales, gauges, and digital imaging to enable precise tuning of a vehicle's chassis.

Incorrect alignment is when the steering and suspension systems are not working at their optimum angles. This most often results from wear of ball joints, bushings, etc, in the suspension, or spring sag on an older vehicles, or from an impact with a curb or pothole, or a change in ride height, on vehicles of any age. Incorrect alignment usually causes faster tire wear. Therefore, alignment should be checked whenever new tires or suspension components are installed, and any time unusual tire wear patterns appear. Alignment should also be checked after a vehicle has encountered a major road hazard or curb.

The different types of alignments offered are front-end, thrust angle, and four-wheel.

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