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Compression gauge

An instrument used to check compression pressure. Typically, the dial on a compression gauge reads in both pounds per square inch (psi) and kilopascals (kPa), with a range of about 0 to 300 psi or 0 to 2,100 kPa. There are two main types of compression gauge. The push-in type has a short stem with a tapered rubber tip that fits any size spark plug hole. To measure the compression pressure, the rubber tip is pushed into a vacated spark plug hole and held tightly in placed while the engine is cranked through a few compression cycles. The screw-in gauge has a long, flexible hose with a threaded adapter. It has a couple of advantages over the push-in type. First, the hose can reach into places that otherwise might be inaccessible. Second, because the threaded adapter screws securely into place it tends to give more accurate readings.

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