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Anvil dolly

Thin toe dolly

A Dolly is a tool which is used to help form sheet metal into various shapes. Dollys come in a huge variety of designs and sizes to suit different requirements. Dollys are commonly used in conjunction with a panel beating hammer. The shape of the dolly itself is often a reflection of the desired shape required of the sheet metal.

Some of the different types of dolly available include:
Anvil Dolly
Radius Dolly
Grid Toe Dolly
Hatchet Dolly
Heel Dolly
Heavy Toe Dolly
Pinch Wedge Dolly
Utility Dolly
Curved Head Dolly
Thick Curved Dolly
Round Head Dolly
Thin Curved Dolly
Thin Toe Dolly
Large Grooved Dolly
Long Reach Spoon Dolly
Regular Slim Dolly - US Style
Pronounced Edges Dolly - US Style

Pictured to the right is an Anvil dolly (top) and a Thin toe dolly (bottom).

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