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drive line filler system

A drive line filler system is a tool for replenishing fluids in transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases. Typically, it consists of a manual pump, a several-liter container for the fluid, a hose, and a shut-off valve, together with one or more adaptors for specific makes of car. Assenmacher is a leading manufacturer of drive line filler systems, offering models all the way up to the 5-liter ATF-1100-5 which comes complete with a variety of adapters for Ford, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, VW, Audi, and Mercedes, as well as many universal applications. Individual manufacturers drive line filler sets are available as well as each of the individual adapters.

A special-purpose drive line filler system can cost as much as several hundred dollars. However, a home-made version can be made for very much less by purchasing and assembling several simple components. These are a standard pressurized sprayer (for example, the RL Flo-Master Sprayer), about a meter of clear hose, and a fill adapter for the specific make of car to be worked on. Simply cut off the nozzle tip from the sprayer and attach the clear hose and adapter. A home-made filler system like this can be put together for under $60.

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