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lug wrench

A lug wrench, also known (in the UK) as a wheel brace or wheel wrench, a type of socket wrench used to tighten or loosen lug nuts on wheels. One type of lug wrench takes the form of an L-shaped metal rod with a socket wrench at the end of the short arm and a prying tip at the end of the long arm. The prying tip is used to remove hub caps that may be covering the lug nuts. Another type of lug wrench, sometimes called a spider, is in the shape of a cross, with different sized sockets on each of the four ends.

Ideally, lug nuts should be tightened with a torque wrench. Lug wrenches are less expensive tools because they are not equipped to measure or limit the force used. Installing a wheel with a lug wrench involves guesswork about the proper tightness. Too much force can strip threads or make the nuts difficult to remove. Also, uneven torque between the various lug nuts, or excessive torque, can lead to warping of the brake rotor if the vehicle has disk brakes.

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