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Draper 7-piece pipe flaring toolkit

A pipe flaring tool, or toolkit, is a tool which consists of a set of bars with holes that match the diameter of the pipe end to be shaped, and a yoke that drives a cone into the mouth of the tube. The two most common types of flare are the single flare, used for pipes carrying low pressure fluids, such as a fuel line, and the double flare for higher pressures such as in a brake system.

To make a single flare, the pipe is placed into the anvil level with the top of the flaring bars. With the clamp screw firmly tightened, the feed screw flares the end of the tube. A double flare is made in a similar way, but more of the tube is exposed to allow for the folding over into a double flare. A double flaring button is placed into the end of the tube and removed after tightening. Turning the feed screw completes the forming of the double flare.

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