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Citroen C-Airplay Concept

Citroen C-Airplay Concept

Citroen C-Airplay Concept

Citroen C-Airplay Concept
Make Citroen
Model C-Airplay
Concept year 2005
Production year -
Engine 110 bhp petrol

The 2005 Bologna Motor Show, Italy, played host to the unveiling of Citroën's C-AirPlay concept car.

The city-car styled C-Airplay concept is shorter than the current Citroen C2, with power for the concept coming from a 110 bhp petrol engine.

The Citroen C-Airplay's interior is a pleasingly light and open affair for such a small car, this is partly due to the integration of large air vents in the door panels which channel air throughout the interior. The use of bright colors and large expanses of glass both above, and around the passengers only serves to heighten the effect.

One of the most prominent visual features of the C-Airplay are the glass, bubble-like windows seen on the lower door panels. These convey a sense of enhanced speed and movement by giving the passengers a direct few of the road passing by.

The tactile control interfaces of the C-Airplay, located between the front seats and the dashboard include gear controls for the electric windows and rearview mirror adjustment. The idea behind such a control interface is that the user interacts with the car, feeling it like a living thing, rather than a machine. This idea of the C-Airplay being an 'organism' is enhanced by the use of silicone as an interior material.

The Citroen C-Airplay concept is powered by a 110 bhp petrol engine equipped with Stop and Start technology for low fuel consumption and emission levels.
This is mated to a SensoDrive automatic gearbox with short gear ratios for fun driving characteristics, further enhanced by steering-wheel mounted gear paddles.

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