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Citroen C-crosser

Citroen C-crosser top view

Citroen C-crosser

Citroen C-crosser interior
Make Citroen
Model C-Crosser
Concept year -
Production year -
Engine 2.0 litre

The C-Crosser concept car illustrates how a future Citroën leisure vehicle or SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) might look. A highly adaptable vehicle in terms of both its external modularity and innovative interior design, the C-Crosser is aimed at all those looking for a versatile vehicle that can satisfy their taste for adventure, freedom, well-being and living.

Citroën has taken a new approach to the dynamic capabilities of off-road vehicles and has enhanced safety levels by means of continuous electronic control. The combination of electronics and hydraulics proves itself to be a high-performance double act.

The front of the vehicle is designed to accommodate three people. The driver’s station is built using advanced drive-by-wire technology, so the driver can sit on the left, in the middle or on the right as he chooses.
A major innovation in driver’s station design, drive-by-wire technology does away with all the mechanical links between commands and components (engine, steering, brakes). All the driver’s station commands are grouped on the steering wheel with its fixed hub.

Sliding side doors and a variable-height load sill provide easy access to the platform. The driver simply presses a button at the rear of the vehicle to lower the sill by 100 mm, making it easy to load heavy or bulky objects.

For increased convenience, the C-Crosser features built-in, electrically controlled roof bars that slide along the roof arches, making it possible to transport long objects, whatever the configuration of the vehicle.

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