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Citroen GT (GTbyCITROËN) concept car

Citroen GT (GTbyCITROËN) concept car

Citroen GT (GTbyCITROËN) concept car

Citroen GT (GTbyCITROËN) concept car

Citroen GT (GTbyCITROËN) concept car

Citroen GT (GTbyCITROËN) concept car interior

Citroen GT (GTbyCITROËN) concept car
Make Citroen
Model GT
Concept year 2008
Production year -
Engine Electric (game version)

The Citroen GT, or GTbyCITROËN to give the car its official title, is a supercar concept developed through a partnership between Citroën and Polyphony, designers of the driving simulation game Gran Turismo 5 on Playstation 3.

In the game, the GTbyCITROËN concept features an electric drive train powered by a fuel cell with no pollutant emissions.

Entry to the car is via gull-wing opening doors which create the largest possible aperture. The interior of the GTbyCITROËN concept is designed to accommodate two persons, underlining the grand touring vision behind the car. The interior is upholstered in black leather with subtle touches of rare materials such as copper and steel, the cabin of Citroen GT concept is distinctly sporty. The two padded racing seats are upholstered in dark leather, and each is fitted with a four-point harness. The driver is assisted by a heads-up display which provides necessary data in an easy to read format.

The large size of the Citroen GT (length: 4.960m, width 2.080m and height: 1.090m) is further underscored by the use of 21 inch wheels.

The styling of the GT by CITROEN is purposefully exaggerated and designed to give the car a sense of speed even when stationary. The white-to-grey gradation on the body side underlines the impression of continuous movement.

The aggressive appearance of the front end is enhanced by wide air intakes and clear-cut horizontal headlights. A large wraparound windscreen flows seamlessly into the roof and into the rear mobile airfoil.

Aside from the obvious race car styling, the Citroen GT features invisible and innovative equipment such as a flat underside, and a mobile spoiler and air diffuser at the rear. These features play an active role in reducing lift and drag, to improve performance.

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